50cc Racing Technology update (03/09/2013)


The building of the 50cc engines is going on. Unfortunately we have so called “priorities”, but the project is alive and, even if slowly, we are of course continuing it and we hope to end it all as soon as possible!



After the reed valve model, here are the images of the first “roughing” of the disc valve model.

Dopo il modello a valvola lamellare, ecco le immagini della prima “sgrossatura” del modello a disco rotante.

DEA 50cc engine disc valve disco rotante

DEA 50cc disc valve disco rotante


It shines! – Brilla!

DEA 50cc engine
DEA 50cc engine


The baby is being born -  Il bambino sta nascendo :-)

50cc DEA Engine

50cc DEA Engine


These are the new images of our upcoming 50cc engine / crankcase coming.

The first complete prototype will be ready at the end of the month.

The conceptual frame has been designed but won’t be constructed this way because this way it would be too expensive. In an effort to keep it affordable the frame that will be realized will be a more simple frame.


50cc DEA Engine
50cc DEA Engine
50cc DEA Engine
50cc DEA Engine
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