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Why build a 50cc engine, and why build it like this?

We don’t think that the technical choice of removing 2 strokes from competition has been a good choice. The 2 stroke is a fabulous engine that attracts the enthusiasm of many guys from their first experience with mopeds or scooters, a learning experience born from the new found wealth and independence at that age.

Races with 50cc engines are possible, but unfortunately right now a dedicated engine that can be prepared for these competitions does not exist. Products derived from original serial production are too far from it and as such there are big technical limits no matter how much money and time are invested in them.

So what better way is there to enjoy low cost, technically challenging racing than to step back in time and let the 50cc be reborn, but here lies the problem, there is no longer a specific engine, in the past we had for example the Kreidler. Hence the idea to build this engine, and to build it with a particular philosophy and precise logic.

1st point:
The engine will use as many commercial parts or parts still in production from various manufacturers as possible, this allows a larger choice and (thanks to the “competition”) have a lower price for those parts i.e. gearbox, crankshaft, pistons, cylinders, heads, etc.

2nd point:
The engine has not the removable gearbox: this could have be done, but this would let the price rise (not that much, but it would be higher). The Disc Valve is not in the rear position, also this to keep costs down. Rear position would be very higher costs. But if someone desires to make an engine of this kind, there’s the possibility to get the Reed Valve version and making the disk on the rear. If someone decides to do this we will be more than happy.

3rd point:
There would be two versions of the engine, Disc Valve and Reed Valve, each type has its own pros and cons. We have left the choice to those involved, the rider, the mechanics and everyone that takes his or her first step into bike racing.

4th point:
The engine will be sold as a kit. The fact that DEA makes available some internal parts of the engine is just a help to those who don’t have the possibility to make them by himself/herself, but this doesn’t obligate anyone to buy them from us. For example, DEA crankshafts will be made with holes to allow the engine builder to balance to their own specification.

5th point
For some parts, we will release drawings on how to modify the standard parts to fit them in the engine. This means you don’t have to buy parts from us, saving money and letting you enjoy yourself while modifying them.

6th point
In the website you will find pictures and links of the pieces that you can mount on this engine (or, at least, the ones from the factories that had the interest to appear on our website). These can be purchased either from us or direct from the manufacturer.

7th point:
Carburetors, CDIs, exhausts will be available as DEA products.

8th point:
In this first phase DEA won’t produce the cylinder: making small quantities would be costly and this does not conform with the philosophy of this project and it would be an item that just a few could afford (and this is not what DEA desires)

9th point
The Disk Valve engine will be a higher price compared to the Reed Valve one, this is because more parts are required in its production. As specialized engines they will always be a higher price than the serial production engine because of the way they are made, for example the crankcases will be machined from billet aluminum.

10th point
We are evaluating the possibility of making a chassis at an interesting price. Initially for the 2013 it will be just the chassis and the swing arm without “superstructures” (that will be supplied by whoever will assemble the bike).

11th point
We desire allow freedom for invention: we don’t want a championship in which all of the bikes are the same.

12th point
We desire to give you the main parts that you’ll need to start.

13th point
We hope that groups of young, universities and schools will join these races, making research and enjoying themselves.

There is the possibility that someone organizes 50cc championships and trophy in Europe. We will speak to those people to clear out some points that we think are fundamental to assure that many people will join these races even if the world economic situation is not that great. We will keep you informed in the evolution of this.

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